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We use reverse osmosis as the base technique for desalination of waters to a drinking standard, for human consumption, livestock, agricultural and industrial applications.  Source water is usually bore or ocean waters. All of the systems we design use certified components of high quality so that you can be confident of the quality of manufacture of your desalination system and its reliability. 


We incorporate redundancy of critical components to ensure reliable operation minimizing any downtime. We supply systems from small 200 L/day up to several megaliters per day, in standalone skids or containerized systems. All plant is scalable.


Small systems are usually manually or semi automatically controlled.  Larger systems are PLC controlled with full onsite and remote diagnostics capability.  The human machine interfaces are touch screens with intuitive screens and menus. Fully automatic systems have self monitoring clean in place systems for automatic cleaning RO membranes and hydraulic system.


Either way you decide which feature set suits your situation.  We'll make recommendations based on the information you supply and together we can specify a system that suits your requirements.

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