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Sub-micron Oil Filters

The costs of Oil and fuel and servicing are becoming more expensive.  The true costs include those hidden costs; service labour, component wear, machine down time & spare parts. Finding ways to reduce these costs requires thinking 'outside of the box'.  Major savings are possible with the refining filter technology developed for modern oils. These filters have saved clients more than 50% and more often up to 75% of the costs associated with oil servicing of machinery and vehicles. The filter systems are designed to act as bypass filters and full flow depending on the application.  We can also supply variations of filter systems for use as kidney pump filtration systems and filter carts. 

High Purity Oil Filter


These filters are available in a range of sizes from cars, small machinery including: forklifts, bobcats and dingo’s and stationary engines such as generators, pumps and air compressors to trucks, buses, and larger plant and machinery.  They are supplied in DIY kits and separately as the basic filter unit. There are different kits for different applications; for example engine oil, transmission oil.

When supplied in kit form the filter system comes bundled with a standard fittings kit, hose, mounting bracket and element installed ready for installation. We supply a CD to help with installation, operation and maintenance.

For new applications we will assist you to determine the size or array of filters to install and servicing parameters.

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