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We design, manufacture and support technologies for filtration, water and wastewater treatment. We support a range of filtration technologies for water, fuel and oils.  We provide water treatment solutions to supply clean purified water for drinking, stock and irrigation.  We also design and build wastewater treatment systems for industrial applications.

Water Purification


If water quality is important to you then then we are the right partner to get the quality you require. We have experience in the application of all types of separation technologies for the purification of water from rivers, bores and sea water.  We utilize a mix of chemical treatments, micro filtration, ultrafiltration, nano filtration and reverse osmosis to achieve the most cost effective result. 


No application is too small.  We supply systems from small under sink filter systems to large containerized plant capable of purifying many megaliters of water per day. Read more...

Waste Water Treatment


Discharging wastewater can be expensive and greatly impact the 'bottom line'.  Often the cost benefits of treating the wastewater off-site or discharging to sewer far outway the costs of installation and operation of the treatment facility.


We have experience in the treatment of a variety of wastes and wastewaters with design of wastewater treatment systems that are energy efficient.   Read more...

Oil and Fuel Filtration


The costs of Oil and fuel and servicing are more expensive every year.  The true costs include those hidden costs; wear, servicing labour, machine down time & spare parts. Finding ways to reduce those costs requires thinking 'outside of the box'. 


Major savings are possible with the new filter technology now available. The filter systems refine oil and fuel to higher purity specifications than the products are supplied on the shelf from the manufacturer.  Read more. . . .

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