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More than just a supplier of treatment solutions for oil, water and wastewater, we provide a range of services to support applications ranging from residential systems to industrial plant. The majority of our customers are residential, food industry, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. Our services cover plant maintenance, RO membrane cleaning, design, prototyping and manufacture. If you have a water treatment problem but not the solution then contact us now.

Plant Maintenance

We service all plant and machinery to ensure our customers experience reliable operation of their treatment plant.​We provide on the spot service and service contracts as per client requirements.  We listen to your needs and offer you the best solution fit for purpose.

Whether it's a residential water treatment system or a large scale commercial treatment plant we understand what is required to maintain the system in good working condition and can assist in recommending plant upgrades should your requirements change.


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RO Membrane Cleaning

Performance of a Reverse Osmosis treatment system depends on the working condition of the RO membranes.  These will foul over time and require cleaning to maintain cost effective water purification. Membranes don't last forever but regular cleaning will extend the working life and production rate of purified water.​


We provide a membrane cleaning service to restore membrane performance.  You can send the membrane(s) to us or we can come to you to clean the membranes on site.We provide a membrane exchange service to our regular customers so that you know we will always have a back up membrane.


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Although we manufacture our own range of products for treatment of oil, water and wastewater we have the capability of manufacturing other equipment.


We have experience in manufacturing & project mangement of scientific technical products to large scale machinery.  If you have completed or unfinished designs but not sure how or where to start bulding the prototype or product we can help.


Need help with getting your idea into a finished design? We can help with that too.


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Design and Prototyping

We have extensive experience on design and protytping products from small weather stations to large water and wastewater treatment plants.


​We can take your concept from a few sketches or an idea to a 3D CAD  model, to prototype and to manufacturing in Australia or overseas.


We have the flexibility within our staff and low overheads so we can offer a cost effective service compared to traditional engineering firms.


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Servicing Equipment

In addition to providing full plant maintenance services we can offer small equipment servicing and exchange components of water and wastewater treatment systems.


​You may already have a maintenance contract with a service provider but that usually only covers specific work. You may require a backup service solution to cover for emergency situatuins should they arise if your usual provider cannot attend.


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