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Single Element Oil Filter

Single element (SE) oil filters are suited for use on vehicles, small earthmoving equipment, forklifts and stationary engines.  These filters are also used on transmissions. The filters are designed to remove contaminants that cause abrasive wear of metal components. These filters remove particulate contaminants as small as nominal 0.1 microns in diameter. The filter media also absorbs water.


SE filters offer considerable cost savings to owners of 4WDs, operators of small earthmoving and industrial equipment. Filter media is disposable and 100% biodegradable.


The Advantages


  • Extended life of equipment. (Engine, transmission, hydraulic ram, etc)

  • Extended time between equipment overhaul.

  • Less equipment downtime.

  • Reduced labor cost.

  • Less service time required for oil maintenance.

  • Extended oil drains. (Save $$$ on OEM ‘spin-on’ filters as well.)

  • Reduced oil contaminated waste.

  • Reduced cost of waste handling and disposal.

  • Reduces environmental impact.

  • Complies with environmental policy and management systems.

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