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Wastewater Treatment

Together with our partner Enviro Energy Solutions we have the necessary experience to provide solutions to the treatment of a variety of wastes and wastewaters.  We don't try to reinvent the wheel but more often than not a waste problem requires something unique either in the mix of technology applied or a change in the process.  We design wastewater treatment systems that are energy efficient where possible.  Sometimes that involves energy recovery from the waste material. Some of the types of wastes we have successfully treated are sewerage and trade wastes in the food industry. 

Dissolved Air Flotation


Separating solids from liquid media is managed by either settling or floating the solids, collecting the solids and allowing the clean water to flow through the treatment system to waste or a holding tank.


Dissolved air flotation uses air to increase buoyancy of solids. 


This method has been successfully applied to many different types of commercial and industrial wastewaters.  Systems can be designed to treat from 5 KL/day to several megaliters per day. Read more.....

Black Water Treatment


Black water usually refers to wastewaters that contain fecal matter and urine. A municipal wastewater treatment plant is a typical large scale example. They may use aerobic or anaerobic processes to destroy biological material. We can provide black water treatment plants capable of producing class A, B or C recycled waters. 


Residual sludge is treated and rendered safe for use on land as a soil conditioner.  Nothing is wasted. We design systems capable of 5 KL/day to several megaliters per day. The treatment plants we design are fully automatic, scalable and low energy.

Grey Water Treatment


Grey waters refer to wastewater sources such as baths, showers, kitchens and laundries where there is no fecal matter in the wastewater. The treatment systems for these sources of wastewater are a simpler than black water plants. There are less restrictions to the use of recycled water from a Grey Water treatment plant.  Automation and monitoring is the same as for black water systems. Treatment plant sizes are typically up to 100 KL/day.

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