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Water Purification

Do you have poor quality, tasting or coloured water for drinking or industrial processes? Do you have old water treatment equipment that is becoming more expensie to maintain? Has your factory production increased or changed and requires either a higher water volume or quality?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we can help you work out the solution that is right for you.



If you use water from a bore, a river or require water and the only source is the ocean then we can tailor design a system to meet your needs.  Most desalination systems employ reverse osmosis to purify the water as this is still the most economical method. Desalination may also be applied to some waste waters to reduce salinity before discharge to irrigation systems. We have experience with all of these applications, a wide range of reverse osmosis treatment plants and can provide a cost effective solution for your situation. The treatment plant may be a small manually operated unit or a large fully automated turn key system that self monitors and cleans itself. Read more....

Process Waters


If you require water for processing whether low or high volume we can provide purified water in bulk containers or an on site purification system that will produce the volumes and water quality required.  Whatever your situation we're confident that we can provide the right solution for your needs. Read more......

Water Purifiers for Home and Office


There are many different variations of water purifiers for home and office applications.  What suits your situation will depend on the  quality of the water to be treated, the quality  and quantity required for drinking.  There are systems to remove sedimentatious material, inorganic salts and minerals, organic compounds and any one or more of technologies can be combined to get the water quality you require.  Read more....

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