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Water Purifiers for Home and Office

Town water isn't the best quality by the time it reaches your home or office.  Purified clean drinking water tastes very different to mains town water. Once you have tasted the difference you'll wonder why you didn't set up proper filtration and treatment.


The contaminants found in mains water can be sediments, trace amounts of organics and halides (Chlorine and fluorine) and bacteria.


Sediment filters can trap particles as small as 0.5 micron capturing most bacteria and sediments.  Organics and chlorides can be removed using activated carbon or reverse osmosis.  Activated carbon is usually used whenever reverse osmosis is installed to assist in chloramine removal.



If water hardness , from cations of calcium and magnesium, is high then an ion exchange resin can be used to remove both cations and soften the water.  All of these treatments are available in cartridge form that fit into canisters similar to that in the image above and right.  Where larger water volumes are required we use fibreglass reinforced polymer tanks that hold larger volumes of media.


We have a range of filter systems from countertop versions and systems that are installed under the sink to larger systems that are secured to a wall.  Whatever your situation we're confident we can provide a water purification system that meets your needs.

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