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Oil and Fuel Filtration

We supply a range of specialty filters, full flow and bypass, for treating oil and fuels. These filters and are capable of cleaning fuel and oil to a far cleaner specification than standard OEM filters.

Sub-micron Fuel Filters


High purity full flow fuel filters deliver clean fuel to the engine preventing downtime caused by dirty or contaminated fuel. Dirty fuel leads to damaged or blocked injectors, excess wear on fuel pumps, poor engine operation when under load and costly downtime to correct the problem. Fuel costs enough without the burden of unnecessary maintenance. Read more....

Sub-micron Oil Filters


High purity oil filters can be a by-pass or full flow filter that trap particles smaller than 1 micron(µm) and keep oil clean continuously. Oil drain intervals can be greatly extended and in many situations eliminated! The benefits from having clean oil include: less wear on engine components such as piston rings, bearings and other lubricated surfaces, increasing standard OEM filter life and extending engine service life delivering more power for longer. The bottom line is that you can potentially save up to 75% of oil usage, cost and service time by using a Frantz filter.  Read more......

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